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Personal trainings for adults

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn basic swim and water safety skills or you are an experienced swimmer wanting to improve your swimming technique, we can help you. Swim Lessons Hawaii swim school offers adult private lessons that are tailored to meet your personal goals. The range of lessons we offer varies from teaching safety in the water to improving your swim stroke for better and more optimal performance.

Our certified swim instructors are available to travel to your home or public pool of your choosing to provide one-on-one private lessons. During the first lesson, our swim instructor will assess your skills and discuss your individual goals and then construct an individual lesson plan that will be successful and fun.

You can book your private swim lessons with Swim Lessons Hawaii at Feel free to call +1(808) 824-2427 for more info.


Swim Lessons Hawaii swim instructors have extensive experience working with new swimmers. There is no ‘one size fits all' approach to teaching or being taught how to swim. Therefore, our instructors specialize in tailoring swimming programs based on your individual needs. Our certified swim staff has a high success rate with newbies overcoming their fear of water early on.

Initially we will work on you getting comfortable being in the water. Specific skills learned include breathing in the water, body control in the water (i.e. floating and buoyancy), push off and gliding, kicking and other exercises targeted at learning and improving swim strokes. Usually after 10-15 private swim lessons beginner level adult swimmers feel ready to move on to more advanced swim practices.


Intermediate private swim lessons put more emphasis on breath control, keeping balance in the water and improving swim stroke. The extra focus is on learning and practicing different stroke techniques (i.e. front and back) and developing swim habits that are long lasting.


In advanced private swim lessons, Instructors will be working on perfecting your freestyle and backstroke. You will be introduced to more advanced aspects of swimming such as diving and flip turns. You will learn how to manipulate your "center of buoyancy" (i.e. lungs) in accordance with your core body strength for propulsion in breaststroke, underwater dolphin kick, and butterfly.

Specialized training for experienced swimmers

Swim Lessons Hawaii coaching staff consists of former competitive swimmers. We have experts that can offer specialized private swim lessons for individuals preparing for different level competitions and challenges. If it's triathlon or endurance swim competitions that you would like to take part of, our coaching staff can tailor the training program to meet your specific fitness goals.