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Group exercises on swimming in open water

Training takes place whole year around. This type of training is well suited to those who want to work out the technique of swimming in open water, try out a wetsuit, study drafting, masstart, elements of orientation, as well as other points associated with swimming in open water, which will help you to successfully perform in the swim and triathlon.

We selected the most comfortable and safe beaches for training in Hawaii.

Who will these workouts be useful for?

  • If you can swim in the pool, but never swim in open water;
  • If you participated in the swims, but your results have ceased to progress;
  • If you are a triathlete or are going to participate in a triathlon;
  • If you finish the race IronMan, and want to hone your mistakes in the technique of swimming in open water.

The schedule of classes, as well as other information you can find out by calling +1(808) 824-2427 or by leaving an application below, and we will call you back shortly.

Place of training

Trainings take place at 3 main locations in Hawaii:

  • Ala Moana Regional Park
  • Lanikai Park
  • North shore

The cost of a single workout is $100. A block of 12 workouts cost $700 (you save up $300). Training can be visited during the entire open-air swimming season on any given day.

12 group lessons of 60 minutes. Schedule and training time check with the coach.